Find the perfect hand tool for screw holding/screw starting, manufactured by HJJ Co., Inc.  We are the manufacturer of the HJJ Non-Magnetic Screw Holding Screwdrivers, which hold the screw till you get it where it needs to be placed.  This screwdriver has two points made of carbon spring steel that open up and hold the head of the screw onto the screwdriver until the screw is put in place.

HJJ Co., Inc. offers 40 different HJJ Non-Magnetic Screw Holding Screwdrivers that come in three different sizes to fit different screw sizes.  They come in varying lengths and feature round brass handles or hexagon vinyl handles.  The HJJ Non-Magnetic Screw Holding Screwdrivers work for slotted screws and cross-shaped recessed screws.  Purchase this hand tool as a single piece or order them for all of your employees.

HJJ Co., Inc.'s hand tool company has been manufacturing these screw starters since 1938, providing the HJJ Non-Magnetic Screw Holding Screwdrivers to many industries.  Enjoy the benefits of this unique hand tool anytime you need to keep your screw on your screwdriver.  Order one today and see why this is the perfect screw starter for you. Every person working with screws should have one.

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